Woman’s Suffrage in Stamford Fight for the Vote 1913


On Saturday July 12th 1913 the talk in Stamford was of that evening’s meeting on the Meadows where the issue of female suffrage and the right to vote was to be discussed.

Reporters from the three local newspapers were in attendance, the Stamford and Rutland Guardian, the Stamford & District News and the Lincolnshire, Rutland & Stamford Mercury.

Stamford Boys of 1911

Charles William Holmes


The research group spent 3 years investigating all the boys aged 11 to 16 listed in 6 parishes of the 1911 census.  There were eventually 450 ‘boys’ studied of whom 58 died in World War 1. Of the rest many served in the armed forces and a minority, for various reasons, stayed at home. 

Stamford in 1868

STAMFORD in 1868


1868. J.Clapton. Esq; Mayor. 

February 25th, owing to the failure of his health, the Earl of Derby resigned the premiership, and on the 28th, Mr Disraeli became Prime Minister. 

In March, the entrance lodge to Burghley High Park, near the race course, was commenced.

Drowning on Broad Street




V Bomber Crash at Barnack



On the night of March 20th 1963 a Handley Page Victor B.2 Bomber No XM714 of 100 Squadron took off from Wittering on a training flight 

It crashed east north-east of Wittering in the Parish of Barnack and of the crew of six only one person ejected and survived. The plane was a write off.

Stamford the Home Front-1940-Air Raid Precautions


In the mid 1930’s cities and towns across the country prepared their Civil Defence in case there was another World War. Stamford was no exception and so once war was declared with Germany on September 3rd 1939 preparations for home defence were in an advanced stage. By 1940 trained volunteers were in place with comprehensive plans to deal with air raids which might bring high explosives, incendiary devises and gas attacks to the town.

Religious Foundations of Medieval Stamford

Religious Foundations of Medieval Stamford by Alan Rogers and John S Hartley.

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Rate Book 1836

The town of Stamford in 1836: Borough Rate Book 

In the Town Hall archives at Stamford is a survey of the whole borough (including St Martin’s parish) of 1836. It consists of six separate books giving the rateable value of every property in the six parishes of the town. The books are standard with printed columns with name of occupier, name of owner, nature of the property (house, garden, shop etc), its location in the town (usually by street but not street number), and rateable value.