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Barn Hill Stamford


The Society was created in its current form in 2013 and follows a number of aims managed by its committee.

The history of our organisation

Stamford Local History Society (SLHS) exists for anyone interested in the rich history of Stamford and its satellite settlements and communities. The society was formed in 2013 as the successor to the Stamford Survey Group (SSG) and is a member of the British Association for Local History. 


Founded in the 1960s, SSG began as a research group whose principal aim was to study and publicise Stamford’s past. It published a series of important works on the town’s ancient buildings and institutions (listed in the Publications section of this website) and numerous smaller scale articles of research and comment which were collected into six volumes of the journal The Stamford Historian between 1977 and 1982. In addition to the collective output of SSG and SLHS, individual members of the two organisations have independently published articles and books on a broad range of topics relating to the history of Stamford and the neighbouring areas. 


SLHS meets monthly between September and May, excluding January, usually on a Thursday evening in the meeting room of Barn Hill Methodist Church.  As well as talks by local and visiting speakers, its programme includes a members' evening. It holds its AGM in June and excursions to places of historical interest are organised in the early summer. Members are encouraged to form sub-groups under their own leadership in order to research and discuss issues of specific interest to them.

Our aims

The Society aims to bring like-minded people together to engage in four main areas of activity:


  • To hear lectures and presentations relating to people, places and issues of interest and relevance to its members.

  • To visit places of interest in the local area and further afield. 

  • To foster research and publication in topics about the town and district and, where possible, to engage and facilitate both group and personal research.

  • To collect, record and publish by display or lecture, in print or on the web, information about the history of the area which might otherwise be lost or unknown.

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The Committee

Chris Hunt
Vice Chair
Keith Hansell
Secretary / Membership
Richard Asher
Website Co-ordinator
Keith Hansell
Committee Member
David Palmer
Committee Member
Eugene Perrett
Committee Member
Diane Perrett

Other responsibilities including publicity, talks and events are shared amongst the committee members. Volunteers to join the committee are always welcome.

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