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During our season, which runs from September to June, we arrange talks on a variety of topics usually related to Stamford and its surrounding districts.

Current Programme of Talks 2024/25

5 September 2024

Mahomet Thomas Phillips

Prof Heather Hughes

3 October 2024

The Battle of Losecoat Field

Dr Nicholas Bennett

7 November 2024

The 1734 Stamford Parliamentary Election

John Smith

and William Stukely's role

5 December 2024

Mince Pies and Mini Talks

Free Evening

6 February 2025

Stamford JUSTHEAT Project

Dr Kathy Davies

an Update

6 March 2025

Portable Antiques Scheme

Dr Lisa Brundle

3 April 2025

The Blackfriars Estate (Stamford)

Keith Hansell

Growth, Dissolution and Development

1 May 2025

In Search of Bradcroft

David Roffe

5 June 2025


and free supporting talk

Past Seasons' Talks

6 June 2024

AGM and Free Talk

The Bacon Family Murders

2 May 2024

In Search of Two Brothers

Jonathan Smith

(Lincolnshire Regiment WWI)

4 April 2024

Must Farm Archaeology

Christopher Wakefield

7 March 2024

Mrs Cromwell's Cookbook

Stuart Orme

1 February 2024

Stamford Castle

Prof David Stocker

7 December 2023

Member's and Guest's Evening

2 November 2023

Castle Cement

Sinan Urhan

5 October 2023

Robert 'Troublesome' Brown

Rev Peter Stevenson

Father of Congregationalism

7 September 2023

The History of Horse Racing

Penny Rowley

and Stamford Racecourse

4 May 2023

The Villages of Kesteven

David Bond

6 April 2023


Peter Jackson

Two Thousand Years of History

2 March 2023

Grey Friars or White Friars?

Linda Ball

In Search of Stamford's Friaries

2 February 2023

Collyweston Palace Update

Chris Close

3 November 2022

Law & Order in Stamford

Philippa Massey

Crime Punishment and Policing

6 October 2022

Private Life of Oliver Cromwell

Stuart Orme

15 September 2022

The Hommet Family

Prof. Daniel Power

Norman 12th Century Lords of Stamford

7 April 2022

Genealogy on the Internet

John Daffurn

using a real heir-hunter case study

3 March 2022

Broad Street Stamford

Chris Hunt

3 February 2022

More of Stamford's Victorian Underbelly

Claire Richardson

Henry Corby and the Murder of Miss Pulley

6 January 2022

Update on the Collyweston Palace Project

Chris Close

(Postponed COVID-19)

4 November 2021

Barnack Stone-

Brian Palmer

Rags to Riches

7 October 2021

Strumpets, Harlots & Prostitutes

Claire Richardson

Stamford's Victorian Underbelly

8 April 2021

Strumpets, Harlots and Prostitutes

Claire Richardson

(Postponed COVID-19)

3 February 2021

Prehistoric Settlement in the Welland Valley

Andrew Hatton

(Postponed COVID-19)

5 November 2020

A Tank from 'D-Day' to Bergen-Belsen

Gerry Wells

(Cancelled COVID-19)

1 October 2020

The Private Life of Oliver Cromwell

Stuart Orme

(Postponed COVID-19)

3 September 2020

The Courtier and the Queen

Malcolm Deacon

(Cancelled COVID-19)

9 April 2020

The Road to Losecoat Field

Dr Nicholas Bennett

(Cancelled COVID-19)

2 April 2020

The Village of Barnack

Brian Palmer

(Postponed COVID-19)

5 March 2020

Wothorpe Towers

Paul Griffin

6 February 2020

Local Archaeological Sites

Mike Clatworthy

Torpel & Downhall Manors

7 November 2019

The Eleanor Crosses

Keith Busfield

3 October 2019

Stamford's Courts and Yards

Philippa Massey

5 September 2019

Castle Construction, Conquest and Compensation

Dr David Roffe

Christine Mahany Memorial Lecture

4 April 2019

Beginners guide to investigating house histories

D Frearson & C Bancroft-Turner

7 March 2019

Where Old Stamfordians go

Dan Stamp

and what they get up to

7 February 2019

The Urban Churchyard

Rev David Bond

1 November 2018

Mercury Memories

Jonathon Smith

4 October 2018

Margaret Beaufort

Stuart Orme

Henry VIII's Grandmother

6 September 2018

Rev Arthur Galton

Dr Maggie Mckay

One time Vicar of Edenham

5 April 2018


Chris Carr

The Creation of Two Empires

15 February 2018

Stamford in Domesday Book

Dr David Roffe

16 November 2017

The Civil War in Peterboro

Don Chiswell

and latest archaeological discoveries

19 October 2017

Colleges & Collegiate Churches

Rev David Bond

(Lincs, Leics, Northants)

7 September 2017

Dr John Willis and his family

Chris Adams

13 April 2017

The Political John Clare

Roger Rowe

9 March 2017

The Roman Archaeology of the Nene Valley

Prof. Stephen Upex

9 February 2017

Sir Malcolm Sargent

Penny Rowley

24 November 2016

Thomas Hotchkin of Tixover (1774 - 1843)

Brian Palmer

20 October 2016

The Deepings Canal Project

Maggie Ashcroft

14 April 2016

Life at Norman Cross:

Stuart Orme

the World's First POW camp

11 February 2016

British Racing Motors

Jonathan Smith

22 October 2015

Stamford Fairs and Markets

Keith Hansell

17 September 2015

Flag Fen

Sarah Wilson

9 April 2015

Magna Carta

Dr Henry Summerson

5 March 2015

Landlords & Neighbours

John Hartley

Pubs posh and pokey in St Mary's

27 November 2014


Jeremy Banning

6 November 2014

Victorian Church Restoration in Stamford

John Smith

9 October 2014

Stamford Standoff

Matthew McCormack

Army versus Militia in Georgian England

11 September 2014

The Daughters of Durham

David Marcombe

St Leonard's Priory, Stamford, in context

13 March 2014

Researching Urban History

Alan Rogers

20 February 2014

Longthorpe Tower

Stuart Orme

14 January 2014

Stamford in 1913

Chris Hunt

an Illustrated History

20 November 2013

Recent Discoveries and Challenges

Jenny Young

in Stamford's Archaeology

17 October 2013

Stamford's Role in the Cold War

Richard Barry

26 June 2013

Contesting Stamford's Past

John Beckett

Local Historians in Conflict (17th to 19th centuries)

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