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Browse our library of published historical articles linked with Stamford and the surrounding area.


Chris Hunt

4 July 2024


Chris Hunt

27 June 2024

Brazenose College, Stamford

Nicholas J Sheehan

10 June 2024

John Flowers Bentley

John Flowers Bentley (1810-1884): Stamford Polymath

from the Stamford Institution to Bentley Street

John S Daffurn

25 January 2024

clay pipe

George Longstaff and ClayTobacco Pipe Manufacture in Stamford

Nicholas J Sheehan

4 December 2023

etton causeway

The Etton Causewayed Enclosure:

its significance within the Welland Valley and broader landscape

Michelle Feasey

3 November 2023

wharf road entrance

The Stamford Terracotta Company

J M Blashfield's business on Wharf Road

Nicholas J Sheehan

8 August 2023

concrete bollard

Uffington's road block defences in World War II

Obstacles manned by the Home Guard

Nicholas J Sheehan

2 July 2023

bridge gate, Stamford

The Bridge Gate of Stamford and John Frammesley

The site of a traitor's remains

Chris Hunt

1 June 2023

broad street, stamford

The formation and first home of the Stamford Institution (1838-1842)

When, where and how the Insitution was formed

John S Daffurn

14 April 2023

town wall, stamford

Murage Tax for repairs to the town wall of Stamford

A tax granted to the town by Edward I

Chris Hunt

19 February 2023

suffragette demonstration

Women's Suffrage in Stamford: Fight for the Vote 1913

Votes for women

Chris Hunt

1 January 2023

Sufferings of the Early Quaker Community in Stamford

Persecution of local Dissenters

Chris Hunt

1 January 2023


Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Company 1832-1911

A Victorian provincial bank

Chris Hunt

1 January 2023

statue of william shakespeare

William Shakespeare and Stamford

Henry IV, part 2, act 3, scene 2

Chris Hunt

1 January 2022

newspaper cutting

Stamford. Elizabeth Pulley. Murder Most Foul

Murder in a Lincolnshire town

Chris Hunt

1 January 2022

corporation housing

The State of Stamford's Housing at the end of the Great War

Housing fit for heroes

Chris Hunt

1 January 2022

Poll results

Parliamentary Election 1847 (Hustings and Poll)

A contested election in Stamford

Chris Hunt

1 January 2022


Recreation Ground Bandstand

A report of the opening of Stamford's bandstand

Chris Hunt

1 January 2021

hundred years war

Men of Stamford in the Hundred Years War

Local men fighting France

David Large

1 January 2021


October 31st 1940 - The Luftwaffe comes to Stamford

A lucky wartime escape

Chris Hunt

1 January 2021


Nora Blake: Young Stamford Pacifist

A prizewinning ant-war essay

K Hansell & N J Sheehan

1 January 2021

map of ketton gas co

Ketton Gas and Coke Company (limited)

A Victorian rural gas works

Chris Hunt

1 January 2021


Political Pressures - Eighteenth Century Style

A hotly contested parliamentary election in Stamford

John Hartley

1 January 2019

map of railway line

The Stamford Deviation

The decision of the Great Northern Railway to bypass the town

Mike Sockett

4 May 2018

Stamford Insitution

The Stamford Institution

A permanent home on St Peter's Hill

John S Hartley

1 January 2018


Stamford in 1868

An election and other happenings

Chris Hunt

1 January 2018

georgian window

Window Tax

A replacement for the hearth tax

Prof Alan Rogers

1 January 2018


John Clare and Bull Running

A poet, and the pros and cons of bull-running

Chris Hunt

1 January 2018

survey document

Stamford in Domesday Book

12C survey of local property

Dr David Roffe

1 January 2018

Victor V-bomber

V Bomber Crash at Barnack

Five killed on training flight from Wittering

Chris Hunt

1 January 2017

air raid warden poster

Stamford: The Home Front 1940 Air Raid Precautions

Local provisions in event of WWII air attack

Chris Hunt

1 January 2017


Belgian Refugees in Stamford

Flemish exiles in WWI

Jean Orpin

1 January 2014

brazenose gate

The Brazenose Site in Stamford

Nicholas J Sheehan

1 January 2013

Muster Roll 1584

A list of available arms for the Hundred of Nesse

David Nalsom

1 January 2012

william cecil

Don't Meddle with my Business! A 16C warning

Stamford's relationship with Mary Tudor's government

Professor Alan Rogers

1 January 2012


David Cecil's Will and David Cecil's Wife: Two Notes

Early history of the Burghley dynasty

Professor Alan Rogers

1 January 2012

Henry VIII painting

The King in Stamford Baron

From the Proceedings and Odinances of the Privy Council

Professor Alan Rogers

1 January 2012

tax collecting

Medieval and Early Modern Stamford Taxation Returns

Important local tax returns (1332-1524)

Professor Alan Rogers

1 January 2012

terricus tomb

Terricus of Cologne

An alien merchant in Stamford in the 13C

Prof Alan Rogers

1 January 2012

Brownes Hospital

Restoration and Rebuilding of Browne's Hospital

Repairing one of Stamford's almshouses

David Wallington

1 January 2012

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