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In keeping with the aims of the Society, visits to local places of interest are arranged during the summer months. In addition, the Society may at other times of the year arrange commemorative displays in the town.



Summer 2024

        - Longthorpe Tower, 25 July

Summer 2023                    

- Milton Hall

- Ketton Cement

  quarries and works.

Prior years have included

  • Guided tours of Apethorpe Palace and Burghley House Roof

Displays and Events


Summer 2023


The Society has supported and has led some Heritage Open Day events in 2023 and prior years. These have included:

  • Walks and Talks along the Stamford Canal

  • Sites of the Town’s World War Two Air Raid Shelters

  • A Dry Pub Crawl Around St Martin’s

  • Stamford’s Medieval Walls and Gates

  • Walking Ermine Street and Ryhall Road


Prior years have included

  • Commemoration of hundreth anniversary of WWI at the Stamford Arts Centre

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