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A depository for small articles, notes, titbits and other miscellanea of local interest.


Chris hunt

4 July 2024

Stamford Town Bridge 1792

Chris Hunt

27 June 2024

The Archive of St Michael's Church

Honorary Life member of the society provides a glimpse of the numerous documents often collected by local churches.

John S Hartley

14 November 2023

A List of Stamford Aldermen from 1398 to 1457

Despite many early records from this period having been destroyed or lost a Steward of Stamford Town preserved a list of sixty aldermen.

Chris Hunt

1 January 2022

Radcliffe and Browne's School, Stamford-Prize Volume

A school prize binding

Chris Hunt

1 January 2021

Blackstone & Co Works Rules 1916

An interesting insight into industrial work rules during WWI

Chris Hunt

1 January 2018

Religious Foundations of Medieval Stamford

John S Hartley and Alan Rogers

1 February 2017

Drowning on Broad Street

Landlady found face down in cistern

Chris Hunt

1 January 2017

Rate Book 1836

In 2017 Alan Rogers published his transcript of the 1836 rate assessment of Stamford. This important document lists all of the property in the town and names the owners and the tenants.

Professor Alan Rogers

1 January 2017

Stamford and Magna Carta

Text of talk given to Stamford Local History Society

Dr Henry Summerson

1 April 2015

Browne's Hospital Property

A transcription of a survey of all of the properties owned by Browne's Hospital in 1845. Contains descriptions, site plans and names of tenants.

Professor Alan Rogers

1 January 2014

Stamford and the Gough Map

The earliest known image of the town

Chris Hunt

1 January 2014

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